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The early 80s of last century, Kobe 11 was a big girl, very pretty. Qin Min's home in a big city suburbs, when Nike Kobe 11 though farmers to grow food, but the food rations Kobe 10 Shoes are not well-off, especially in the lean season, he will want some other way. That day, Nike Kobe 10 gave her a basket of eggs and a half, to enchant her to town five pounds of food stamps. These eggs are all under their own chickens, and one by one, to save up.Nike Kobe 11 carefully carrying a basket, take the brigade boat transport fertilizer to Kobe 10 Shoes. And there are several physical Beijiexiaoxiang ticket exchange, although at that time was illegal, but Nike Kobe 10 still not banned, according to the words now, and what is there is a demand market.

    Kobe 11 to which the alley, where to stop, and soon there is a young man came over and asked: "? What Nike Kobe 11 want to change your eggs vote"

    Qin Min said: "Kobe 11."